12step Inspiration Serenity Prayer

Not only for addicts…

I received an email from a Gulf War veteran which touched me.  I’d like to share it with you:

Hi, your work is amazing. I am a recovering addict recently diagnosed with PTSD from the Gulf War….I was just wondering if you are continuing your blog work. I haven’t seen any updates from September. I hope all is well. — Charles

Thank you for asking Charles! I haven’t been very well, I’ve been having chronic back pain issues for the last six months.  What’s more, I’m not taking any pain medication because I’m afraid of relapse.

I’ve been wanting to talk about how the Serenity Prayer (or my artwork) is not just about addiction recovery.  The Serenity Prayer is for anybody who needs comfort, inspiration and has to cope with whatever life has brought them.  To those people who have written to me about this, I sincerely apologize.  The Serenity Prayer belongs to everybody.

For me, going through my chronic pain issue right now, the Serenity Prayer has taken on an even greater meaning.  I need to the courage to stick with physical therapy even though it it causes me pain.  I need the serenity to patiently work through this even though the recovery is excruciatingly slow.  And finally, the wisdom to figure out which aspects of my condition I can do something about vs. those that I need to accept for now.

Charles, I’m sure what I’m going through is nothing in comparison to what you’re experiencing with your PSTD.  I am touched that your are following my blog and wondering if I’m still here.  May God grant you the serenity…


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