Many thoughtful people have taken a moment out of their day to let me know what they felt about their purchase.  I get an enormous amount of pleasure making these items for my customers but I get a great deal more pleasure hearing from folks who are satisfied with their purchase.    Here’s a sampling of them:

“I contacted Stephanie, P in hopes of obtaining a dog tag for my sick nephew who has a brain tumor. I could never afford such a beautiful piece of jewerly myself. She immediately ‘paid it forward’ and sent one out to me. I am so grateful and so blessed by her love and generosity to a little boy she doesn’t even know; but she took into her heart. My prayers for her are simple: to be forever blessed and to remain true to herself and her “Higher Power.”   Because, with the “Serenity Prayer” we all know things are possible.  Thank you again Stephanie for your unconditonal love and kindness…e.g. around the holidays!!!   Now, he can wear his favorite prayer around his neck whenever he has his chemo. You are an angel indeed!!!!!, Francesca B., from CT

“Just received my order for my military dog tags. Funtastic!:) Luv the solid feel and art! Very happy customer.Peace and Blessings to you in the coming year,“, Rick F. from MN

“I just ordered one of your bracelets for my daughter for Christmas who is a recovering alcoholic – who finally seems to be on the right path to recovery.  She is 29 years old a mother of 3 little girls. This is probably the first Christmas in several years she has been sober.
She asked me tonight if i could find her something for Christmas with the Serenity prayer.  As Iwas searching the  web – I quickly  ordered a serenity bracelet from Ebay, before I found your website.  Your bracelets are very beauttiful have special meaning, that is why I am ordering another one from you.”
Sue M.,from MI

“I bought the designer heart serenity prayer necklace for my wife. “WOW” you really have a gift. I am ordering two more one for her sponsor and sponsee. With God all things are possible.Thanks,” Jeff S. from CA

“I received your large serenity prayer heart pendant this week and just wanted to share that it has been helpful for me to have it to hold when my mind is in a mess. Also, it’s lovely. Thanks.” Annie L. from NY

“Stephanie, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the serenity prayer designer dog tag I recently received.   I have orderd previous items from Eves Addiction.com.  Each on of the ones I ordered from them had black outlines around praying hands, which peeled away after a month or so.  That is why I sought a different product.  I was attracted to yours both because of the beauty of the inscription as well as the engraving process you use.  As well, I read that it was made by someone ‘in recovery!’  I am also a recovering addict.  Anyway, thanks for a great product and be assured I will be ordering in the future. Peace. “   Matt B from MA

“Thanks for your beautiful work, because it does help me get through today, by redirecting my thinking to where it needs to be.”   Jane M  from CA  

“I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful bracelet I ordered from you. The Serenity Prayer is my favorite.”  Sandie J. from TX 

“Beautiful craftsmanship, lovely shape and design.  My sponsee just adores it and wears it everywhere.” Kelly L. from NV 

“Thank you for your wonderful art.”  Mike D. from NY 

“Lovely, unique piece.”  Jackie S. from AL  

“I’ll be proud to pass this along next year.”  Alan P. from MO

                    “The fact that the person making these gifts is also in recovery is important to me as we are all part of this community.”    John A. from WA

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