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One of the best things about having this website is that people write to me and share their stories whether they or someone close to them is in recovery or going through tough times. It’s like going to a great meeting and hearing someone’s share that happens to be very inspirational. I will be adding more stories as I hear from you, so keep coming back.

If you have a story you’d like to share, please leave it as a comment at the bottom of this page. I’ll copy your comment into a new entry.

 Februayr 2013, Rachel P. writes: I just wanted to share how excited I am about the necklace I ordered for my husband.  I loved it the second I saw it on your website and was in aww of your story.  This came quicker than I expected in the mail and was eager to see it.  I think it looks 10 times better than I ever could have imagined.  I love it and it’s not even for me.  My husband’s anniversary is still a good week and a half away but I just could not keep it in I had to show him.  I made him promise he would look then forget and act very surprised once it was really given to him.  I just wanted to share and say thank you for starting your business.
 March 2012, Rayna G writes: I just wanted to tell you that my husband ordered me your “Acceptance, Serenity, Courage, Wisdom” pendant for my 1 year sobriety anniversary and I absolutely LOVE it!  I am going to wear it loud and proud everywhere I go! What made it even more awesome was knowing that it was hand crafted by someone who has been down the same dark path that I have. My 1 year sobriety anniversary is such a huge milestone considering 1 year ago today, I was admitted to the first of three hospitals for acute liver failure. I slipped into a 4 day coma and spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital. I have no medical reason to be alive, but somehow, I fought my way back to life. Since I woke up from that coma, I have not had a drop of alcohol nor had any cravings. I’m finally living the life I always wanted and being the person I was always meant to be! Thank you so much for your beautiful artwork and for sharing your story!
 September 2011, Cheri S. writesi just wanted to say how much I LOVE your website and your work.  I have dealt off and on through out my life with different levels of people with alcohol addiction and over the last 6 years I have learned how important,
scary, lonely, difficult, yet helpful the recovery process is.  I myself am not an addict, however I have many family members that are, and have seen many friends go through very tough times and even lost a few friends or
friends family members to this.  I have now been married to my husband for 3 years and he is a recovering alcoholic.

This coming January with be 8 years sober for him and I do not even have words for how proud I am of him.  He may never know how proud I am, but I continue to recognize and celebrate his recovery every year and each day in between.  There are many life struggles that he deals with and our marriage in turn deals with.  It may wear on a relationship in different ways than other marriages, but the strength it takes to go through recovery every day for the rest of someone’s life, is a strength that only that person can know.  I spend many days remembering all of the things he has been through and accomplished and constantly show him how much I love him and be by his side to support him if tough moments arise, or any time he needs me to just be there.
It’s amazing to hear other stories and to see people out there talking about sobreity and celebrating it!  It’s no small or insignificant thing to go through and people deserve to be proud of every day.

Thanks for your amazing work and the opportunity to share stories!

 August 2011, Brian B. writesI received my necklace today and am very happy with it. I was looking for something to commemorate my 1 year sobriety date (after 32 years of drugs and alcohol abuse) and the necklace I bought was perfect for me.  Even though I am not involved with AA the symbol represents serenity for me as I continue to live a sober life. Wearing it will allow me to remember all the hard work I have put in to remain sober and will be a reminder whenever any triggers or tricky situations arise.

Thank you and here is to continued sobriety for you as well.

 July 2011, Rachel C. writes:I just wanted to say that you are awesome!  I love your work, and appreciate all that you do to stay in recovery.  I believe that people that are in recovery need to use their energy to do good things.  I know that the things that you do doesn’t seem like you have touched anyone, but reading your story has touched me.

I have a brother that is in recovery, he is 11 days into sobriety.  He has been to rehab, and is in the middle of a divorce.  He is mostly attending NA meetings, but I have been going with him to support him.  I understand that I am not his sobriety, and I cannot make him be sober.  I just know that as his sister, I want to support him.  I just purchased a necklace from you, because the serenity prayer necklace was one that his wife gave him.  What was ironic about it, was that she was also the one stopping him from being sober because she is such an addict.

Anyway, sorry for the long story.  I just wanted to say thank you.  I am not an addict, but I am abstaining from alcohol for his sake.  I just appreciate when an addict can share and realize that they are powerless and need help.  I also appreciate that you are making wonderful pieces of art to express yourself.

Thank you.

April 2010, Tina H. writes…I just wanted to let you know that Tommy passed away on Thursday April 22, 2010.  Know that he was two years sober.  Tommy died of Lympnode Cancer that consumed his body. He wore the necklace that I purchased from you a year ago with pride.  I was going to get him his two year necklace the day he was taken to the hospital.  That day, he told me not to that he would not be needing it anymore.  I want you to know that Tommy did overcome his addiction to alcohol and died a very proud man.

Thank you, Tina

April 2010, Debbie M. writes…Hi Stephanie,

Wow, that was super fast!! I received the dog tag in today’s mail. That’s 2 days from California to Ohio. It looks great, very nice and very nice quality. Thank you so much. My friend will be proud to wear this. He has 30 days tomorrow, and I’m going to visit him at rehab so I am so tickled that the necklace arrived in time for his anniversary 🙂 I will keep your card, bookmark your website and I’ll be back for more items and will recommend your site to anyone else I find interested in ordering items like this!

Best to you as well-take care, Debbie

March 2010, Mark D. writes…In March of 2009 I found out my wife had been cheating on me and wanted a divorce. I slipped into a major depression and was VERY suicidal and homicidal. I cried everyday for 8 months and constantly thought of ways to end my life.  I even made 2 attempts.

One day in November, I had a dream about my little girl who is 2 years old. In the dream, we were praying The Serenity Prayer. Now, I only heard this prayer maybe once or twice and never knew the words. Well, it was clear as day that GOD was speaking to me. I researched this prayer and made it my life. My world has changed from dark to light.

I’m still in recovery and will be for a very long time but this prayer is powerful. I recently I found this website. The name is striking. Serenity Is Forever.  What powerful words! I will be buying every item from this site and will be passing this on to amazing people who need works of art like this.

I have dedicated my life to this prayer and even have plans to tattoo words Serenity, Acceptance, Courage, and Wisdom on my body in Chinese or Japanese. I never had a tattoo in my life but something is calling me to do this. Not only does the chain I wear around my neck or the ink I wear on my body remind me there is hope for all.

If you’re an addict or recovering from a divorce or death or anything, this prayer is amazing. God bless anyone who reads the prayer or has something, anything they bought from  Also, if anyone reads this message and ever needs to vent, please email me at yo**************@ya***.com I would love to hear about your journey and pray for you.

God bless…Mark Domingue.

February 2010, Mary S. writes… I gave my husband the beautifully crafted paperweight with the AA Slogans and anniversary year (25 years!) just the other day. He now keeps it proudly in his office as a reminder of how far he has come and how blessed we are that he made his way to Alchololics Anonymous 25 years ago.  Thank you so much for your amazing work.
January 2010, Richard E. writes… Thank you for the get dog tag combo with sobriety anniversary date you personalized for my daughter who was so proud to wear it at her meeting when she accepted her cake and chip for a full year of sobriety.  We have been through hell and back but now, we are truly grateful for her continued recovery
September 2009, Jacqueline W. writes…I am accepting and making peace with myself after living and surviving the last five years of my husband’s alcoholic insanity and my own over-achieving compulsions…to restore a long lost peace to my own life. Thank you for helping me create a lasting reminder for myself.
May 2009, Tina H. writes… I am presenting these (dog tag anniversary necklace and serenity prayer dog tag necklace) to my husband whom I am very proud of for making it through some tough times this year not only in giving up alcohol but dealing with our separation and then having to deal with cancer and not going back to alcohol
March 2009, Linda D. writes…I recently purchased 2 anniversary pendants from you. I had to write and tell you first of all how beautiful they are!! Also, I want to thank you so much for getting them to me in such a timely manner!! My daughter is proudly receiving her one year coin on March 20,2009. I just could not be more proud of her!! And more importantly is how proud she is of herself and how she has regained her life thanks to AA! We have a number of family members who are also recovering and doing great for many years. We will have at least 8 to 10 immediate and extended family and friends attending to see her get her one year coin. Our entire family is so proud of her. And many of them understand even more so what she has accomplished. We are going to surprise her with all the family in attendance! I\’ve showed the pendant to many family members and everyone of them said it is just the perfect gift for her on such a special day
February 2009, Hannah B. writes…After my son’s celebration next Sat, I will share this email with him.  I must share with you that in July he was in a motorcycle accident and we weren’t sure if he would wake up.  It took several days, but obviously he did and had several surgeries to repair broken bones from his head to his toes.  Six months and much physical therapy later he was discharged by his doctors and ok’d to return to work.  And through it all he never abused the drugs he needed to recuperate.  His sponsor was with him every step of the and even read to Leon while he lay in a coma.  I swear my son heard him.  He is truly God’s miracle.

Again, may all good things come your way also.  I will keep your website in my file to share with anyone who may ask about the fantastic pen I will present to Leon next week.

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