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The Importance of Sobriety/Clean Anniversaries

I recently overheard a comment from someone who said “Sobriety anniversary? Who would ever want to celebrate being sober?” And to that I replied, “Well, for someone who was destroying their lives with drugs or alcohol, being clean and sober every passing day just happens to be a big, freaking deal!” People outside AA, NA, CA, and other 12-step or recovery-related programs often do not understand the importance of the sobriety anniversary. Outsiders or Normies May Not Understand As an addict in recovery, I can speak for many people that…

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Sober Diva

A new design inspired by one of my customers.  He told me he likes calling his wife now 10 years sober, his “sober diva”.   Liked it so much, I decided to create a product.  The back can be customized. to include your personal message.  See this link for a product details:  http://serenityisforever.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/668/s/serenity-prayer-heart-necklace-fine-925-sterling-silver/  

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