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Alcohol – the cheapest drug in America

I was shopping at Trader Joe’s today and came face to face with a display for house brand Vodka priced at $10.99 for 1.75 litres.  Wow that makes for some cheap booze!  You are looking at 40 drinks for about $0.27 per shot.  Then I looked around some more, I noticed they have wine priced at $2.00 a bottle and that’s a big $0.40 a glass.   That wine has been famously dubbed TJ’s Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw Vineyard).  Beer was just as cheap too.  Depending on one’s tolerance, a person can get a pretty serious buzz for just a buck or two.   Alcohol is so inexpensive in America that almost anyone can afford to drink on a limited income.  In other countries like Canada, alcohol is pricer.   It doesn’t stop people from drinking but it does make it much more expensive to acquire the habit.  From prohibition to plenitude, America is the land of the best and the very worst.

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