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It Works If You Work It

I’m always inspired by my customers and their stories. Getting and staying clean and sober is one of the most challenging things one can do.  It’s thrilling to get a repeat order one year later from the same customer.  Another year of sobriety!  What an amazing accomplishment!

I was compelled to write about this because of Beverly who contacted me several years ago to buy a one-year anniversary dog tag for her son’s first year sobriety.  She told me how wrapped he had been in his disease, drinking up to 40 oz of booze a day.  He’d been attending Alcoholics Anonymous for a year, liked the program and was staying sober. One year later, she ordered a 2 year dog tag, and the next year a third, and then a fourth!  Yesterday, I just got an order from her for a 5 year medallion! That made my day, and I’m so proud of Beverly’s son.  But, surely not as proud as she is.

It works if you work it!


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