Happy Sober Birthday

The other day while I was at work, (yes, do have a day job as being an artist doesn’t pay all the bills), one of my co-workers made a comment along the lines of, “Why would anyone celebrate being sober?”  To that I replied, “For some people who have nearly destroyed their lives with drugs, alcohol or any other addictions, one more year of sobriety is a big freaking deal.”  Of course, my co-worker is not in recovery and for people outside the community, the idea of celebrating sobriety seems quite frankly weird.

That’s okay because I thought it was weird too until I started taking those chips.  After several relapses, I remember going to meetings and watching other people taking chips and bitterly thinking, “Damn it, if they could do it, then so can I!” I was really a little jealous.

I decided to do it and I stayed clean and it was the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life, even tougher than successfully casting resin!  Speaking of resin, I’ve just introduced a new line of sobriety pendant hearts and paperweights to commemorate that incredibly special day!  I’m also working on some pendant necklaces for men.  So stay tuned…

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