Custom Aromatherapy Pendant


Custom Aromatherapy Medallion Pendant Necklace with elegant mandala design.

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In my recovery I discovered essential oil fragrances helpful to recenter and manage my moods and cravings.

This pendant has your custom message as shown on one side and mandala pattern on the other. It comes on a long 24 inch chain so that it is easily accessible to bring your noise for an invigorating or calming experience.

5 interchangeable pads are included with each pendant so you may easily swap out your preferred essential oil of the day.
My own personal favorites are Lavender and Bergamot oils but you will find your own. Simply open the pendant and place a few drops of essential oil on the pad of your choice and then close the pendant. Refresh when desired.

Extra thick, polished solid jewelry grade stainless steel with matching chain. Has the weight and bright finish that you expect from finer jewelry. Engraved in my studio using a marking technique that is permanent and will never, peel, rub off or fade.

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