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About Me: Artist in Recovery

I'm Stephanie and I've been clean and sober for over 14 years.  As a person in recovery, I am continually inspired by the ability of individuals to heal themselves, not only of addiction, but of many self-perpetuating conditions they may be trapped in. My artwork began with my love of the Serenity Prayer. To me, the Serenity Prayer represents the inner core of recovery. For many people, this prayer is their recovery mantra. When I first entered recovery, I relapsed several times.

During this period of my life I began crafting jewelry; very crude pieces fashioned out of heat-formed acrylic with the Serenity Prayer handwritten on each piece. I used these pieces as touchstones to remind myself to stay clean no matter what.  It was only later that I realized how inspiring sobriety can be and I began this website using just a few pieces I had began making for friends and family.  Later on, I branched out into making resin bangles, pendant hearts, paperweights and now, I've introduced metal necklaces for men and women. 

All my pieces are designed to inspire and celebrate recovery.  I used a state of the art laser marking technique on each piece using my own designs. My goal is to provide one-of-a-kind, exclusive designs not be be found anywhere in the recovery community gift market. I put a lot of myself in each piece knowing that it will belong to someone who is either struggling in recovery or celebrating another day or year of sobriety. 

Officially licensed Narcortics Anonymous Vendor JE120801