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Free 12-Step Recovery ECards

Welcome brothers and sisters from AA Alcoholics Anonymous, NA Narcotics Anonymous and all 12-step groups!

This is a free service for everybody who wants to show their support for the addict or alcoholic in their life.

I am Stephanie P, a recovering addict and the California-based artist jeweler behind this work. Thanks!

Clean and Sober Anniversary

AA Alcoholics Anonymous


Hi, my name is Stephanie P and...

I am a recovering addict, the California-based artist jeweler behind this work. I initially created this work to heal myself.

I've been clean and sober for 17 years. I began crafting as a way to redirect my energy away from using. My pieces became touchstones to remind myself to stay clean. Now I'm passing it on. Thanks!

My Non-Cyber Artwork

Check me out at SerenityIsForever.com
I make:

My designs are inspired by and celebrate recovery because they're intended for someone struggling in recovery, or who is celebrating another day of sobriety or survivorship. And, since sobriety is its own reward, they're affordable.

Free and Earth-Friendly!
Send you own free eCards for everybody's clean and sober anniversaries or birthdays!

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