About Me Artist In Recovery

I am a recovering addict and a California-based artist. All of my work is centered around recovery, so you’ll find that my work is about the Serenity Prayer, sobriety anniversaries, recovery slogans and survivorship.

As a person in recovery for almost 10 years, I am continually inspired by the ability of individuals to heal themselves, not only of addiction, but of many self-perpetuating conditions they may be trapped in.

My artwork began with my love of the Serenity Prayer. It has helped countless people cope with addiction or medical conditions and build inner strength. For many, this prayer is their recovery mantra.

To help remind myself of my priority of staying clean no matter what, I began crafting jewelry with the Serenity Prayer as a touchstone, a reminder to keep calm and carry on. My designs inspire and celebrate recovery as they will belong to someone struggling in recovery, or who is celebrating another day of sobriety or survivorship.

You can contact me here.

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