The Hellidays…are they over yet?

I’ve been very lax in my blogging lately due to the demands of the holiday season.  Oh yes the holidays…such a challenging time of year for us in recovery.  I sometimes like to refer to the holidays as the “hellidays” since we are bound by the traditions that put great social pressure on us, force us to be with family we would rather not be with and we have to do this clean and sober.   And let us not forget the pleasure of watching others drink and get drunk.  More than ever, we notice the drunk drivers on the road, shake our heads yet recall how many times we may have gotten behind the wheel clearly as impaired and as dangerous as that person driving ahead of us. As an adult child of an alcoholic, most of my memories of Christmas are not so great.  Some of us still have a family member or a friend who is wrapped up in the disease of addiction and have not found serenity. I pray that they will one day find it too.

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