I’m bored, therefore I use/drink

I think most of us addicts/alcoholics know a thing or two about boredom.  In fact, I know that one of the many reasons I used in the past was because I was bored.  It was like, I’m bored, I can’t concentrate on anything right now so I’ll get high.  Boredom became this monkey on my back that led me to using more and more.  After I cleaned up, I had to still deal with boredom and it was not easy finding things to do that required my full attention.

Luckily, I discovered this little hobby of mine which gave some focus and something to do with my hands.  Believe me, I still get bored but now sobriety has taught me how to deal with it a little better  I learned that you can’t always sit back and be entertained.  You need to commit to things that bring you joy and satisfaction but anything worthwhile takes effort and some discipline.

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